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Account Protection

Why is Woohoo Pay secure?


To protect your account, we use a three-layered security architecture:

  • Secure login. Your login details of both the mobile and WebApp consist of a username and password or fingerprint/face recognition (depending on your smartphone). Please choose a secure password and don’t reveal your login details to anyone.
  • Confirmation PIN. This 4-digit code is required every time you make a transfer or connect/disconnect your phone. You first set it up once you have successfully connected your smartphone to your account. You can then change it in the app yourself after that.
  • Push messages. For every incoming and outgoing payment, a push message will be sent to your connected smartphone. It’s also used to confirm and finalize your transactions. We’ve also added 3D Secure to protect you from online card fraud.

Every time you contact us we’ll ask you some security questions to make sure it’s really you. But we’ll never ask for your debit card number, card verification code (CVV), password, or your card or Confirmation PINs.

We’ve also taken steps to protect your data: we store as little information about you as possible, only for as long as we are legally obligated to, and we delete data when it is no longer required for a product or service. You can download your personal data up to 6 months after you close your account. Find more information in our Privacy Policy.

How to protect my account?


The security of your account and your personal data is our top priority.

If you ever feel that your Woohoo Pay login may be compromised or that someone is trying to initiate a chat on your behalf, it’s crucial to immediately change your Woohoo Pay account password.

To do so, log into the app and go to My Account > Settings > Security. Please choose a secure password and don’t reveal your login details to anyone.

As the account holder, you and only you should create and have access to your login details. For further advice on identity protection, we encourage you to visit our article How to protect my identity?

If you believe that your account has been compromised or tampered in any way then please get in touch with us immediately.


If you do not have access to your Woohoo Pay mobile app or your Woohoo Pay webapp login, you can also request to block your card or account by calling us at +353 211 8658 or +353 211 8666 (both lines in English) .

What to do if my account may be compromised?


If you believe your account may be compromised, first change your password, then there are some actions you can take in different situations:

What should I do if I spot a suspicious transaction on my account?

If you notice a suspicious transaction, refer to our article on How to dispute a transaction?

Then contact our Customer Support team, either directly through the Woohoo Pay app, or by emailing support@Woohoo Pay.com. 

If you’d rather speak on the phone, you can request this during the chat. We’ll arrange a callback within the hour so we can discuss the matter further with you. Once in contact with one of our agents, please thoroughly explain the situation to us. Every detail here is important. Please be assured that we’ll take all necessary measures to assist you in this situation.

In addition to our legal obligations for fraud prevention, and in order to continually improve our security safeguards, we have a dedicated team who analyzes each fraud case individually. The fraud cases themselves are often relatively complicated and have to be dealt with in detail. Depending on the complexity, this can take a few days, but in some cases it can take several weeks.

Finally, if you have evidence or strong feelings that the account might have been hacked, we recommend that you file a police report as well.

What should I do if I’ve lost my card, or believe that my card details may have been compromised?

If your Woohoo Pay card has been lost, stolen or you believe your card details have been compromised, you should lock your card immediately in your Woohoo Pay app, and reorder a new one to keep your money safe. 

What if I’ve lost my paired device? Could someone access my account?

If your paired device is lost or stolen, rest assured that your Woohoo Pay app can only be accessed when the right password is entered, or with fingerprint or facial recognition. Our customer service team will be able to assist you in pairing a new device to your Woohoo Pay account when you have one. 

Where can I learn more about security at Woohoo Pay?

To learn more about how we protect your account in case of fraud, visit our blog article. Visit our page about Security at Woohoo Pay to discover our commitment to protect your funds and your account.

Chat is available everyday from 07:00-23:00 including Sundays and bank holidays.

If you do not have access to your Woohoo Pay mobile app or your Woohoo Pay webapp login, you can also request to block your card or account by calling us at +353 211 8658 or +353 2118666 (both lines in English) .

How to protect my identity?


To protect and help avoid the misuse of your personal data, please keep in mind that:

  • We will never ask you to prove your identity on behalf of other individuals or companies. This includes verifications for apartment rental contracts, lines of credit, or job offers (including jobs with Woohoo Pay). Only complete the verification process if you want to open an Woohoo Pay bank account for yourself.
  • As the account owner, only you should create and have access to your login details. Never create an Woohoo Pay bank account with a predefined email address and password. If you use login credentials that were given to you, these credentials may be used to reach your personal and legal information. Also, never log into an Woohoo Pay account that is not yours.
  • Do not send your ID or passport to unknown or unverified recipients.
  • We may ask for certain documents when your transaction is subject to a routine check. Only send valid documentation to verified Woohoo Pay email accounts.
  • We will never ask for your username, password, or PIN codes outside the Woohoo Pay app. Never provide this information in an external website or app, even if it looks Woohoo Pay-related.

If you ever feel in doubt, have received a suspicious request from a third party, or think your Woohoo Pay login may be compromised, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Phishing?


Phishing is a simple and effective tool hackers use to deceive people into handing over sensitive personal information. Once they have obtained this information, they can use it to perpetrate various types of fraud while impersonating their victims. If you’d like to learn more, please click here to read our blog post about how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks.

How to report suspicious emails and text messages

Woohoo Pay will never send text messages or emails containing time-critical warnings instructing you to log in to your account and share privileged user data. We’ll never issue you with an ultimatum, nor will we ask you to authenticate yourself or verify your data outside of our secure communication channels.

Suspicious Emails

If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any links or download any attachments. To help us in our investigation, we ask that you either:

  • Simply forward the suspicious email thread to us at: support@Woohoo Pay.com.


  • If possible, please save the suspicious email as an ‘eml’ file and send it to us. Most email service providers will automatically save the file in this format when you download it. Sending the suspicious message to us in this format allows us to determine the true origin of the suspicious message and report it to the relevant organizations. If you have any difficulty saving the email in this format, no problem. Please simply forward the suspicious email thread to the address above. 

Please do not take screenshots and send them to us, as we can’t use this information. Delete the email from your inbox.

Suspicious Text Messages

If you receive a suspicious text message, do not click on any links or provide any data.

To help us in our investigation, we ask that you do the following: 

  • Take a screenshot of the message you received and send it to: support@Woohoo Pay.com.
  • Ensure that the full message, including the sender’s phone number and the date/time, are all visible.
  • After our confirmation that you have received a phishing text, block the phone number.
  • Delete the message from your mobile phone. 

How to Report a Fake Website

At one point or another, you may find yourself on an illegitimate website that’s being used to falsely advertise services on behalf of Woohoo Pay. You may also see our logo displayed on alleged affiliate sites. They may be offering credit, or perhaps they’re offering limited-time promotional deals. It’s important to note that just because “Woohoo Pay” is part of the URL, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that a site is legitimate.

If you suspect you’re on a fraudulent site, we suggest that you pause for a moment and do the following:

  • Check the address bar and make sure the URL reads: https://app.woohoopay.com/login. If it doesn’t, copy the URL and report it immediately to: support@woohoopay.com. 

Received a suspicious message?


In the height of the global pandemic, EasyJet revealed that the personal information and travel details of 9 million customers had been stolen in a highly sophisticated cyberattack. In the first half of 2021, the personal data of more than 530 million Facebook users, from more than 100 countries, was made available for purchase online. Days after, another 500 million LinkedIn users had their personal information appear on the Dark Web. This data included information like names, birth dates, phone numbers, and email addresses.

What does this have to do with Woohoo Pay? While there is no direct impact on Woohoo Pay, or the security of your bank account, cyber-criminals may utilise information, obtained from attacks targeting other companies, to perpetrate large-scale phishing attacks.

Phishing is a technique used to obtain sensitive information which can be used for fraudulent purposes. By disguising themselves as trusted entities, scammers are able to manipulate people into sharing their personal data. They’re able to accomplish this by targeting people through digital communication channels that we all use on a daily basis, such as: email, SMS, phone call and social media. As a digital bank that’s growing in popularity, Woohoo Pay customers have been targeted by phishing campaigns, during which attackers send messages, often containing a link to websites that looks very much like the Woohoo Pay web-app. While they may be convincing on the surface, these websites are malicious in nature, and are in no way connected to Woohoo Pay. In some cases, attackers may spoof our SMS short-code, which can cause their messages to appear in the same thread as messages sent previously by Woohoo Pay. We ask you to remain vigilant, and contact us immediately if anything seems out of the ordinary.

What is Woohoo Pay doing about this? Our security personnel are continuously monitoring for future attacks, so that they can ensure any fraudulent websites are deactivated as quickly as possible, and so that we as a company can keep your account safe.

As we continue to take precautions to protect your accounts and personal information, there is plenty you can do to protect yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’ve received an unexpected message:

  • If you’ve received an SMS from someone claiming to represent Woohoo Pay, always remember that we will never initiate contact with you via any such channels.
  • Text messages containing a call to action are always malicious. Do not click on any links or provide any of your personal data. We will never instruct you to do anything via SMS.
  • If you have doubts about information that has been shared with you, or you suspect you may have been led to a fraudulent site, proceed with caution. If you’ve been asked to call a number, or send a message to an email address, research the contact data and see if it corresponds to a legitimate company.

If you’re ever unsure, take a screenshot of the message and get in touch with our Customer Support staff via the Chat option in your Woohoo Pay app, or send it to support@woohoopay.com. We’re always here to help!