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Integration Methods

How can I integrate to the Gateway? You can either integrate using our Direct Integration or one of our Hosted methods, allowing for different levels of control and communication from the Merchants website.   How can I use the Hosted Integration? What can they do? You can choose to use Hosted Fields or Hosted Forms

Click to Pay

Please note this feature is currently only available with selected Acquirers – we will let you know once it has been activated on your account.   What is Click to Pay? Click to Pay replaces Masterpass and makes it easy for consumers to checkout as they can store all of their cards in a portable

User Access and Password Resets

Password Resets If you cannot remember your password, you can request a password reset by clicking the “Forgot Password?” option next to the password box. Alternatively, if you are the registered owner of the account, you can e-mail Cardstream Support and request a password reset. The Support Team will activate the request and have the

Transaction States

Overview The transactions page is where you can view all your recent transactions and determine the state of each transaction processed. This article lists each state and provides an explanation for each. Transaction States RECEIVED: This transaction has been received, and is ready for authorisation. Woohoo Pay has received the transaction but not done anything