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Payment Management

Get Greater Control Over Your Transactions
Reduce workload and eliminate inaccuracies with a multi-language portal with self-service delivering a white-labeled experience. In addition, provide complete partner visibility, choice of 6+ payment methods, proactive automatic payment status emails to reduce status inquiries.
Payment Management

Greater control over your transactions

Bulk payments

Create multiple payments or bulk upload to save time.

Beneficiary management

Add, remove and edit payees whenever you need to

Payment approval

Approve your team’s payments securely online in seconds.

Team access management

Set your own permissions for even greater control

Features & benefits

Bulk payments via CSV

Create hundreds of payments in a few clicks by uploading a CSV file or adding them individually in a single flow.

Send cross-border payments to 196 countries in 120 currencies via multiple payment methods, with FX solutions, multi-subsidiary, multi-language, and global tax capabilities.

Woohoo Pay also enables you to manage all currency conversions and intercompany balances in one place: save on FX fees with better rates, save time and effort having to manage multiple banking relationships, mitigate FX volatility risk, and gain more predictable insights into cash flow by locking in FX rates.

Advanced beneficiary management

Keep all your beneficiaries details saved and create transfers faster whenever you need. Advanced access controls allow you to manage transfers for specific beneficiaries. Choose whether your employees should be able to manage or view beneficiaries, or just create transfers for existing beneficiaries.

Payment approval

With just a few taps, your team will be able to prepare all the payments for you, and with one click on the button, you can approve or reject them. Customisable dual authorisation controls give you even greater control over who you pay and when you pay.

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