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General Error Codes: 65536-65791



All response codes between 65536 and 65791 are related to the Gateway or the Merchant’s configuration. This article will give you an overview of the difference codes that can be returned on a transaction, along with a description of the error.


Response Codes and Messages


65536Transaction in progress. Contact customer support if this error occursPlease wait for transaction to finish and if not successful, reattempt transaction.
65539Invalid Credentials: merchantID is unknownCheck that the merchant ID is your gateway ID.
65540Permission denied: caused by sending a request from an unauthorised IP addressCheck the preferences section of your MMS and check that your IP is in the IP Address fields.
65541Action not allowed: the transaction state or Acquirer doesn’t support this actionVerify with your acquirer that you are attempting an action they allow, and that the transaction is in the correct state.
65542Request Mismatch: fields sent while completing a request do not match initially requested values. Usually due to sending different card details to those used to authorise the transaction when completing a 3-D Secure transaction or performing a REFUND_SALE transactionEnsure that all transactions that are subsequent of an original transaction use the same card as the original.
65543Request Ambiguous: request could be misinterpreted due to inclusion of mutually exclusive fieldsPlease define transaction information more clearly and then reattempt the transaction.
65544Request Malformed: couldn’t parse the request dataPlease review the transaction data and send in a correct format.
65545Suspended Merchant accountContact support as the Merchant Account you are attempting to use has been suspended.
65546Currency not supported by MerchantThis means that the transaction is trying to process a currency not supported by the gateway for that merchant account.
65547Request Ambiguous, both taxValue and discountValue provided when should be one onlyThe transaction has values for both the “taxValue” field and the “discountValue” field, please amend and reattempt.
65548Database errorThere has been an error within the database.
65549Payment processor communications errorThere has been a communication between the gateway and the merchant account provider.
65550Payment processor errorThere has been an error at the merchant account providers end of the transaction, please call your acquirer.
65551Internal Gateway communications errorThere has been a communication error within the gateway, please contact support.
65552Internal Gateway errorThere has been an error at the gateway level of the transaction, please contact support.
65553Encryption errorThere was an error with encrypting the transaction, please review integration and fix encryption errors.
65554Duplicate requestThe same transaction has been submitted twice. If trying to make a duplicate transaction, please wait 5 minutes.
65555Settlement error.There was an error with settlement, please contact support.
65556AVS/CV2 Checks are not supported for this card (or Acquirer)The merchant account provider does not support AVS/CV2.
65557IP Blocked: Request is from a banned IP addressThe IP that the transaction has come from is on a “Banned IP” list, please either attempt the transaction from a different IP or contact support.
65558Primary IP blocked: Request is not from one of the primary IP addresses configured for this Merchant Account. The IP associated with the transaction is not one listed on the expected Primary IP list. Please reattempt transaction from Primary IP address.
65559Secondary IP blocked: Request is not from one of the secondary IP addresses configured for this Merchant AccountThe IP associated with the transaction is not one listed on the expected Secondary IP list. Please reattempt transaction from Secondary IP address.
65561Unsupported Card Type: Request is for a card type that is not supported on this Merchant AccountCardholder is using a card not on the supported card type list for the gateway account. Please use a different card.
65562Unsupported Authorisation: External authorisation code authCode has been supplied and this is not supported for the transaction or by the AcquirerA manual authCode has been supplied within the transaction, which is not supported by the acquirer. Please reattempt transaction without manual authCode.
65563Request not supported: The Gateway or Acquirer does not support the requestYou are trying to perform an action that the gateway does not support.
65564Request expired: The request cannot be completed as the information is too oldThe transaction request has fallen outside of our time limit and has failed. Please wait 5 minutes and retry, if it keeps occurring, please contact support.
65565Request retry: The request can be retried laterThe transaction can be retried later. Please wait and attempt the retry again.
65566Test Card Used: A test card was used on a live Merchant AccountThe card used to attempt this transaction is a test card. Please reattempt the transaction with a live card.
65567Unsupported card issuing country: Request is for a card issuing country that is not supported on this Merchant AccountThe merchant account does have the card issuing country as an approved country.
65568Unsupported payment type: Request uses a payment type which is not supported on this Merchant AccountThe merchant account does not have this payment type approved for processing.