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HPP Language Codes

Updated February, 2022

In the request to the Hosted Payment Page (HPP), you can dynamically set the language you want to display to the customer. If you’re not using the SDK, this is set in the HPP_LANG field.

    "English": "en",
    "Basque": "es_eu",
    "Bulgarian": "bg",
    "Catalan": "es_ca",
    "Chinese": "zh",
    "Croatian": "hr",
    "Czech": "cz",
    "Danish": "da",
    "Dutch": "nl",
    "Estonian": "et",
    "Finnish": "fi",
    "French_fr": "fr",
    "French_ca": "fr_ca",
    "Gaelic": "ga",
    "Galician": "es_gl",
    "German": "de",
    "Greek": "el",
    "Hungarian": "hu",
    "Italian": "it",
    "Latvian": "lv",
    "Lithuanian": "lt",
    "Maltese": "mt",
    "Norwegian": "no",
    "Polish": "pl",
    "Portuguese": "pt",
    "Romanian": "ro",
    "Russian": "ru_ru",
    "Slovak": "sk",
    "Slovenian": "sl",
    "Spanish": "es",
    "Swedish": "se",
    "Welsh": "cy"
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