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Industry Analysis

Wine Industry Analysis

The wine sector has a wide variety of producers, with over 230,000 in France alone. Moreover, the market is highly segmented in European countries: the top 10 brands control 4% of the market in France, 6% in Italy or 8% in Germany, while in other countries such as the USA (37.6%), Australia (24.3%) or South Africa (24.7%) the market is less fragmented.

Health and Wellness Industry Analysis

Consumers today are very concerned about their health and expect to find products that are good value for money. Offering detailed information about their price and characteristics becomes indispensable for businesses that wish to achieve greater transparency.

Fashion Industry Analysis

Fashion is one of the most profitable markets in the world and comprises a wide variety of products for men, women and children.

Sports Industry Analysis

The demand for products in the sector varies according to demographic and income criteria, a situation that has changed the current competitive landscape. The sports sector is a major economic driver in many countries.

Music Industry Analysis

The musical instrument sales sector was one of the longest to go digital. Although it is true that in many cases advice is needed to customize an instrument, the vast majority of sales can be made online only by providing the technical information well detailed.

Pet Care Industry Analysis

Europe is one of the largest markets, with countries such as Spain and Italy leading the way, with a higher volume of operations, and the UK with a higher sales value.

Beauty Retail Industry Analysis

The main categories of the industry are: skin care, the most profitable with 36% of the global market, hair care with 23% and makeup with 18%. In the US, foundations, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, eyebrow makeup and lipsticks are the most profitable segments with the highest number of sales.