The Merchant Preferences page is used to configure your Merchant account processing preferences. The preferences page contains the following sections:

Merchant Accepted Currencies

Choose which currencies you wish to accept via this Merchant account. Please note, the choice of available currencies does depend on the Acquirer and the currencies they support.


Merchant Accepted Card Types

Choose which specific card types you wish to process. Once again the choice of available card types will depend on the Acquirer and which types they support. However, this feature allows for an easy way to block a specific card type if needed (e.g. Credit Cards).


Merchant Rejected Card Issuer Countries

Choose which card issuing countries to remove and NOT accept transactions from.


Mandatory VT Fields

Choose which fields you wish to make mandatory in the Virtual Terminal for all users using the account. Any mandatory fields must have a value entered to process a transaction.


Surcharge Support

Choose whether surcharge amounts are required for this merchant account. These can can be automatically added to any SALE transactions made depending on the card type and currency used. Surcharge values can be specified as monetary amounts in either fractional major currency units (e.g. 2.49), whole minor currency units (e.g. 249) or as a fractional percentage of the sale (e.g. 1.4%). You must ensure that any surcharge amounts applied comply with the laws of your country.