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Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

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  • August 06, 2021
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What is a Merchant Category Code?

Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are 4 digits long and used to identify the type of business in which a Merchant is engaged. Payment brands use MCCs to classify Merchants and businesses by the type of goods or services provided. This is because each industry has different transaction patterns and differing levels of risk (potential for fraud).

They are assigned to Merchants by the acquiring bank based on the type of product or service they provide. MCCs can also affect the merchants processing rates. An incorrect classification could cause a Merchant to pay higher than necessary processing fees. There are a large number of MCCs used, and it is important for Merchants to make sure they are assigned to the appropriate code.


Where can I enter my MCC?

You can enter a new or update your current MCC in the Preferences section of the MMS under the Credentials Tab. Merchants need to enter their correct MCC to avoid their 3DSv2 transactions falling back to version 1. This must match the assigned code allocated to your business type – if you are unsure which code to use check this with your Acquirer.

Merchants can enter the code directly into the Merchant Category Code field or use the search function to search using either number or text:






Once Merchants have entered an MCC value, this field becomes mandatory and cannot be removed without a new code being entered:






If your code does not appear in the list you can add it by typing it directly into the field. The field will accept any 4 digit number entered.

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