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Merchant FAQs

PPRO - supported payment types

The following payment types are supported using PPRO:

Account Set-up Process

Overview - This article describes the process of on-boarding a new Customer / Merchant. If you have any further questions regarding on-boarding of new Merchant IDs, please contact the Support team.

Supported Acquirers

If you have any questions about our supported Acquirers or Acquirers in development, please contact the Support team.

Woohoo Pays' Glossary

A - Acquiring Bank The providers of a Merchant banking facility. This account is necessary to settle transactions into the Merchant’s business bank account.

Merchant Account FAQs

General FAQs - These are questions Cardstream Support commonly see regarding Merchant Accounts:

Payment Gateway FAQs

General FAQs - These are the questions Cardstream Support usually see regarding the Gateway:

Understanding the Basics

How does a Gateway work? - A Payment Gateway it is the first step in the payment process the Cardholder will come to and is a facility that allows a Merchant to take a payment where the Cardholder is not present.