Fixed Payment Schedule

Below shows the fields that appear when you want to create an RT Agreement for a fixed schedule.

RT Agreement Lookup

RT Agreement: This allows you to search for a specific Agreement by ID or Agreement Name

RT Agreement Creator

Agreement Identity

Rule Name (Required): This gives you the option to give the new RT Agreement a specific name. The default is automatically generated and can be changed.
Description (Optional): The description field can be used for further information (e.g. logging who created the Agreement, etc).
Policy Reference (Required): This gives you the option to give a unique policy reference can also be provided, this is the Policy Reference Number (MPRN) used by the customer to refer to this agreement with the relevant card schemes etc., if not provided a reference will be automatically generated.

Initial Transaction Details

Initial Transaction (Required): This is the cross reference of the transaction that acts as the basis for each recurring transaction. This transaction is used to provide the payment information (card number, expiry date, etc.), payment currency and as the default for any unique transaction reference and cycle amounts.

Subsequent Transaction Details

Merchant Account (Required): This specifies the Merchant Account you wish to set the RT Agreement up on. The Merchant account must support the base transaction’s currency and card type. Defaults to base transaction’s Merchant Account.
Start Date (Required): This specifies the date the RT Agreement should start, unless an ‘initial payment date’ is also specified, this will be the date from which the payment cycles start. Defaults to ‘Today’.
Unique Reference (Required): A ‘Unique Reference’ and ‘Order Description’ can be specified for each payment which overrides any used in the base transaction. The actual transaction sequence number will be automatically appended to the ‘Unique Reference’ to keep it unique. Defaults to base transaction’s value.
Cloned Fields (Optional): Allow you to specify any additional Gateway parameters you wish to include in future transactions from the original (e.g. statementNarrative1).

Payment Schedule

Schedule Type: Please specify the schedule type required – on this occasion you’ll need ‘Fixed Payment Cycle’. Fixed Scheduling allows an amount and frequency to be specified alone with any optional initial and final payment. Variable scheduling allows the exact dates and amounts to be specified.

Fixed Payment Cycle

Recurring Amount (Required): This allows you to specify the amount of each recurring payment under the Agreement. Defaults to base transaction amount.
Take Payment Every (Required): This specifies the frequency of each recurring payment under the Agreement.
Repeat (Required): This allows you to specify a fixed number of payment cycles for the Agreement, or the Agreement can run indefinitely until manually cancelled.

Initial Payment Details

Initial Payment Date (Optional): Specify the date when the Agreement should start. Defaults to agreement start date.
Initial Amount (Optional): Specify whether a different amount should be taken on the initial payment. Defaults to recurring amount.

Final Payment Details

Final Payment Date (Optional): Specify the final payment date. Defaults to date of last recurring payment.
Final Amount (Optional): Specify the final amount that should be taken. Defaults to recurring amount.

Payment Retries

Max Retry Attempts: The system will attempt to retry failed payments once every 15 minutes until the specified maximum number of attempts have been made. If no retries are required then enter a zero, a blank entry will default to 4 attempts.

Click ‘Create Agreement’ to activate the agreement.