Customer Accounts – Set Billing Plan

If you are taking advantage of the Gateway’s billing system for a Customer, you’ll be able to configure and amend your Customer’s billing plans within the Customer Accounts section. Under the ‘Action’ column select ‘Set Billing Plan’ and the following dialog box will appear:




Within this dialog box, you’ll be able to select the required billing plan for the Customer you are configuring and amend it at any time in the future – as shown below:




The change will take effect from the next billing date, when your Customer will be invoiced at this rate.

Customer Accounts – Set Payment Info

Within the Customer Accounts section, you are also able to define and set a specific billing method for your Customers. You can configure and amend this configuration under the ‘Action’ column. Select ‘Set Payment Info’ and the follow dialog box will appear:




The configuration of Payment Method allows you to choose how you wish this Customer to pay their Gateway charges. The options include the following:

No method agreed = No set method has been agreed and the Customer is to choose.
Automatic xref payment = The Customer will provide a card-on-file for the payment to be automatically taken each month by the Gateway. This is only available for Resellers who have their own Merchant ID on the Gateway.
Manual card payment = A manual payment will be taken from the Customer either over-the-phone or through a pay button, for example.
Cash payment = The Customer has requested to pay in cash.
Cheque payment = The Customer will be making payment via cheque.
Bank transfer payment = The Customer will be paying through a bank transfer (e.g. standing order).
BACS payment = The Customer will be making a BACS payment. 
Direct Debit payment = You have a Direct Debit agreement with the Customer to collect the charges each month.
Other payment method = An alternative payment method has been agreed with the Customer.

Once a Payment Method is set, you have the ability to configure the Payment Preferences. If the Customer is new to the Gateway and they are yet to supply billing information, this allows you to define whether you would like the Customer to be able to access the MMS and/or process transactions.

Deny administration access = The Customer cannot access the MMS because the payment method has not been agreed/set-up. Once a payment method is set-up the block will be removed and the Customer will be able to gain access.
Deny transaction processing = The Customer cannot process transactions on the Gateway because a payment method has not been agreed/set-up. Once a payment method is set-up the block will be removed and the Customer will be able to gain access.
Deny warning suppression = Each time the Customer enters the MMS they’ll be giving a warning advising them their billing configuration is not yet complete. This error is automatically removed once configuration is complete.

For further information or to discuss using the Gateway’s billing system, please contact the Support team.