The Pay Button allows a Merchant to create a simple HTML link that can be integrated into a webpage or e-mail. When clicked, the user is taken to the hosted payment form with pre-populated product information such as the amount, product description and order reference.

 We offer the Pay Button as a QR Code, a styled and un-styled button and a simple link. 

The advantage of using the Pay Button are that it has the features of the hosted form without needing server-side scripting knowledge. All the card holder must do is click a button, enter their payment details and they’ve paid.

Styled Pay Button

The styled option makes the link look like a pre-formatted button. This is useful for displaying on websites to fit of the style/content of a web-page. It isn’t always suitable to send across e-mail clients as the client may not support formatted CSS.


The un-styled option creates a standard link that can be styled later using CSS or used as is. This is useful if you want a base to work from to create a button of your choice using CSS.


Pay by Link

The link only option provides the raw URL without embedding it in an HTML link. If you want a simple link to send to customers, this is the best option.


QR Code

The QR Code option adds the ability for a QR Code to be downloaded. It is automatically generated and is displayed on the page for testing/preview purposes. Click the download button to save it in a file which can then be uploaded or placed wherever you wish. Alternatively, you can right click the preview image and save it from your browser.

A QR Code scanner has to be used to ‘read’ the code, which will then send the link of the payment form to the device.