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Personal Account

What is a Woohoo Pay personal Standard Account?


The Woohoo Pay personal account is a safe and intuitive digital current account that you can sign up to in minutes, right from your smartphone. It is beautifully simple and transparent, allowing you to receive, send and spend money confidently. The Woohoo Pay personal account is free*, giving you a simple and affordable solution for all of your financial needs.


What are the benefits of a Woohoo Pay personal?


Our Woohoo Pay personal account comes with the following benefits and features:

  • Free* current account: Our Woohoo Pay personal account is free to use (*after a balance of €50,000 or higher a deposit fee may apply).
  • Virtual card: The account comes with a free virtual card that has a full PAN number and is ready to add to Apple or Google Pay for online and in shop purchases.
  • Physical Woohoo Pay Mastercard: For an additional €10, you can receive a Woohoo Pay personal physical debit card (please note, you will need to have at least €10 available in your account to trigger card production and shipment).
  • Payments & Transfers: You can send and receive SEPA transfers using your Woohoo Pay mobile app. Additionally, you can send money instantly to other Woohoo Pay customers using Moneybeam.
  • Additional financial products: If eligible you can also apply for our additional financial products e.g Overdraft, Credit, Savings etc.
  • CASHwp: Withdraw and deposit cash using our CASHwp feature (DE, AT and IT T&C’s).
  • Customer Support: You can get in touch with our incredible customer service team using the in-app chat feature or opening a chat from our website or web-app.

Our new Woohoo Pay Personal account comes with a free virtual debit card. With an active personal account, you can make online and in-store payments. Additionally, you can add your virtual card to your Apple or Google pay wallet.