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Pet Care Industry Analysis

Overview of the Pet Sector


Europe is one of the largest markets, with countries such as Spain and Italy leading the way, with a higher volume of operations, and the UK with a higher sales value. For example, through a more detailed analysis of the sector, we see surprising data such as that in Barcelona and Amsterdam, two major European capitals, there are more pets than children under 12.


Pet Product Buyer


There are four clearly differentiated profiles:

Pet lovers: they love to publish photos and videos with their pets, they pamper them a lot and always look for the best for them.

Pet lovers: they love their pets but are not as devoted to them.

Pet’s companions: they are usually families with one or several pets.

Pet caretakers: they are usually older people or more traditional families. The pet is considered an animal and not a relative.

Star Products


Despite the wide range of products for pets such as fish, reptiles and small mammals, in Europe the highest sales value comes from the cat and dog food categories compared to other accessory categories.

Difference between countries


There is a big difference between the best-selling products in northern and southern Europe. In the north, cat and fish food and a large number of pet houses are the most popular. In southern Europe, by contrast, both dog and cat food and a variety of toys for these pets are popular.

Monitoring of top brands in the pet sector


The most prominent brands vary in different markets. In the case of Europe, the top-selling brands include Purina, Cesar, Pedigree, Butchers, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hill’s and Acana, among others. On the other hand, in the United States the market is dominated by five main sellers who account for 70% of sales in the sector: Nestlé, Mars, Big Heart, Colgate and Blue Buffalo.

Woohoo Pay Uses Netrivals’ Big Data, it captures information about the status of pricing, stock and promotions in two of the industry’s largest categories, pet food and accessories, for pet sector analysis.

The system track and update daily the prices of +400M products from +30K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace.