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Project details

  • Rob’s house
  • 24th March 2020
  • Marilin De Aragon
  • UI/Ux, Design
Value: $125

About Revolution

Revolution is Woohoo Pay’s (WHP) award winning, provisioning, service management and reporting platform built specifically to service the merchant services industry and the requirements of our partners and customers.

Revolution is widely acknowledged as the industry leading platform for merchant management and is widely deployed both within the WHP business but also under license to several acquiring banks and other independent payment service providers.

Revolution Features

  • Web based platform that enables the automated boarding of all NPI services
  • Entirely paper free process, sign-up for NPI services remotely or face to face with ease.
  • Easy setup and quick approval.
  • 3rd party integrations for data search and validation including CRO, VAT number database, An Post, telephone number validation, Sort Code and Account Number validation, Experian integration (including Bank Wizard).
  • Electronic signatures.
  • End to end automated service delivery including equipment fulfilment as required.
Partner portal for boarding and merchant monitoring.
Merchant portal for service management and reporting.
Support case and Service Announcement system capability included.

Revolution for Merchants


Revolution empowers merchants to take control of their services and gain meaningful reporting and insight on their performance.

The Revolution reporting is not just about sales activity, instead it provides useful information such as trend analysis, repeat customer and customer loyalty insight, card type analysis and a whole host of other features.

Revolution for Acquirers & ISOs


Woohoo Pay has a partner company called technologi Worldwide.

Technologi supports acquirers and ISO’s to implement Revolution’s product suite of Enterprise, Analytics and Gateway in their business to improve their application efficiency, merchant management and customer offer.

Revolution for Partners


Revolution supports WHP partners to efficiently process merchant applications, validated against 3rd party data sources to ensure accuracy and a quick turnaround for customers.

The platform supports merchant boarding as well as reporting, commission generation and service management.

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