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SCA: Out of Scope Transactions

The transaction types listed below are considered to be out of scope of the SCA mandate:


Transaction TypeDescription
Payee and Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)A transaction, or series of transactions, of a fixed or variable amount and fixed
or variable interval governed by an agreement between the cardholder and
merchant that, once agreed, allows the merchant to initiate subsequent
payments without any direct involvement of the cardholder. Where the initial
mandate is set up through a remote electronic channel, SCA is recommended
if there is a risk of fraud but should not be necessary for subsequent payments
initiated by the merchant. 
MOTOPayments transacted over the phone are not considered to be electronic payments. This means Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions are out of scope.
One Leg OutA transaction where either the Issuer or Acquirer is located outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
Anonymous TransactionsTransactions through anonymous payment instruments are not subject to the
SCA mandate.