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Customer-Linked Offers

Woohoo Pay

Customer-Linked Offers {CLO}

The perfect solution for banks, business owners and customers. Customers have access to personalised offers, merchants can increase sales and scale their business, and banks, in turn, boost interaction with businesses and open up new revenue streams.

Merchant view

Customers receive personalized offers, redeem them using their bank card or mobile wallet and automatically receive cash back.

WhyWoohoo Pay?

Customers make savings on frequently purchased products or services.
Customer view

Merchants can define campaigns and directly target their desired audience by tapping into new markets.

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  • Banks generate new revenue sources, increase customer retention & card usage and boost engagement via digital channels.
  • More meaningful relationship with retail and SME customers. Help the retail customer save and the merchant grow.

What are the benefits of CLO?

  • Customers make savings on frequently purchased products or services.
  • Simple and convenient offers can be redeemed instantly.
  • Access to new market and target campaigns based on customer behavior.
  • Ability to monitor campaign performance and ROI, controlling marketing spend.
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