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Setting up Kount on the Gateway

Configuring Kount

To successfully set-up Kount on the Gateway, you’ll need the following credentials for your Kount account:

  • Merchant ID
  • Site ID
  • API Key

Following the next steps, you will be able to configure and use this powerful tool.

First, login to your MMS and select the appropriate Merchant Account you wish to use with Kount. Under the Preferences tab, you should be able to see “Risk Checking Preferences” – if not, please contact the Support team.




Select ‘Yes’, and click ‘Update Risk Checking Support’ button, once complete you’ll see further parameters to configure.

Select ‘Yes’ under Risk Checking Required field.

In the three first fields, you need to supply the information that you received from Kount: the Merchant ID, Site ID, and API Key.

The Merchant ID and Site ID will be given to you by Kount. To create the API Key, log into your Kount account via the Agent Web Console (AWC) and create your own API-Key and use this to populate the field within the MMS.

In the Agent Web Console, you can find also find a detailed breakdown of your transactions: frequency, location etc. You are also able to configure your own rules to confirm when you want to be notified if something happens (e.g. more than 4 different transactions have the same email).

How to create the API Key:

Log in to Kount your account:


In the top right you will find Admin, and then, API Keys:


When creating the API Key be sure that RIS is selected as below, API is optional:


Once within the API Keys configuration, simply click ‘Create API Key’ which will then be copied across to the MMS.

With the other options, you can choose the actions to dependent on the risk state that is returned.