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Setting Up Xero on the Gateway

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  • August 06, 2021
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Cardstream is a vast network of third-party integrations. These include popular accounting software such as Xero. This article will advise you on how Merchants can configure their Gateway to connect with Xero.

How to grant Third Party API Permissions with Xero

IMPORTANT! – Before you start please ensure you have your public and private key to hand, please click the link below for more information.


Step 1: Go to https://app.xero.com and log in with your Xero credentials


Step 2: Click on “My Apps” in the top navigation bar


Step 3: Now click the “New App” button


Step 4: A pop-up box will appear, you will need to select “Private App”


Step 5: Click on Add or edit AP permissions


Step 6: Now you will need to upload your private key. You can achieve this in 1 of 2 ways, either locate the public key file in your desktop environment and simply drag it in the “Public Key” box


Or you can open the public key file, copy the contents, and paste it in the “Paste from Clipboard” option


Step 7Providing you’ve completed the set-up process correctly you will be able to tick the box to agree to Xero’s terms and conditions, then click the “Create App” button


Step 9: If there are no problems the process will create a new private application with the name you input in the “App name” field in your Xero account


Step 10: Leaving the “Edit Application page open you will need to go to the Merchant Management System (MMS) and log in with your credentials
Step 11: Click preferences and scroll to the bottom of the screen
Step 12: At the bottom of the preferences page you will see a “Xero Support”  option. Change the option to ‘Yes’


Then click update, you should see a successful confirmation at the top of the screen


Step 13: At the bottom of the preferences page you will see an option “Xero Integration”. Change the option to ‘Yes’ and click the “Connect to XERO” button


Step 14: Once the “Connect to XERO” button has been clicked you will see the below. You will need to refer back to your Xero tab to gather some information, once this has been completed you will need to Click “Connect to XERO”

  • Application name: The application name you entered in Xero when setting up the app
  • Consumer Key: Found in Xero from step 9
  • Consumer Secret: Found in Xero from step 9
  • Private Key: This is your Private key that matches with the Public key entered in Xero


Step 14: Providing you have entered your details correctly you should be met with a successful confirmation at the top of the screen.


You can now create invoices in Xero. There will be a button for the recipient to click that will present them with your hosted payment form with the amount and order reference already filled out.

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