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Why do VISA suggest their EMV 3DS version 2.2 is important?

Visa’s version of 3DSv2.2 was designed with European regulation in mind. Some of the main features are:

1. The ability to apply SCA exemptions, like Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) using specific indicators in the authentication message, which is not supported in the earlier versions.

2. Access to Visa’s new suite of SCA solutions that help issuers and acquirers make best use of the exemptions:

2a. Visa Trusted Listing – enables issuers to create a list of trusted merchants where no authentication is needed for future transactions (risk assessment permitting).

2b. Visa Transaction Advisor – a risk assessment tool that helps determine eligibility for a low risk exemption.

2c. Visa Delegated Authentication – a tool that merchants can use to take control of the authentication process on behalf of the issuer.

3. Enabling biometric and out of band authentication. 3DS 2.2 results in a better consumer experience, delivering the lower levels of fraud associated with SCA, while ensuring that transactional friction and abandonment rates are minimized.

4. A new feature, 3DS Requestor Initiated (3RI), enables merchants to obtain additional cryptograms upon successful completion of a single authentication for merchants who need to submit several authorizations associated to one single authentication; for example for split shipments or for travel agency purchases where there is more than one merchant of record.