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Alternative Payment Methods

More ways to pay and get paid with global payment methods. Alternative Payment Methods While credit and debit cards..


Find the right payment gateway solution for your eCommerce business. To be able to take card payments on your website..

Acquirer Independence

Woohoo Pay’s Open Payment Network offers an independent payment gateway with a vast array of acquiring banks.


Find the right payment gateway solution for your eCommerce business

To be able to take card payments on your website is an easy way to get more customers and consequently more sales.

Online commerce now represents a substantial proportion of all small and medium-sized business sales.

  • Take payments online
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent costs
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
  • Significant sales growth
Overview Image
Overview Image

Online payment gateway providers

Online merchants can benefit from our competitive acquiring rates. Woohoo Pay works with all the major online payment gateways, so you do not have to change your online payment service provider or gateway. We will work with your existing payment gateway provider to make the switching process seamless.

  • Mobile app
  • Deposit checks instantly
  • A powerful open API
  • Coverage around the world
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships

Local Bank Integration

Local bank integration redirects users to the bank’s website where they fill the payment details. After making the payment, the customer will be redirected back to the ecommerce website, with the notification of successful payment sent upon redirection. This method is simple and easy to use for small ecommerce businesses.

  • Corporate Cards
  • International Payments
  • Automated accounting
  • Request Features
  • Premium Support
  • Direct Debit
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You can find all the thing you need to payout

Conventional card payment platforms cost up to 3% per transaction. Through Woohoo Pay you save up to 2% without the hassles of card platforms.Bitcoin does not force its users to shoulder the risks of payment fraud. Merchants can refund and customers can pay without disclosing sensitive information.

Get payment in any amount, from every corner of the world and from any computer or mobile device. Through the bitcoin network, Woohoo Pay maintains a record of your transaction. Any fraudulent transaction can easily be tracked back to source.